Historic Carnegie Library of Ballinger

The Librarian

I am a 25 year veteran Texas teacher! I have taught Bilingual education and ESL for 25 years! I graduated from Texas Women's University. The last 15 years I taught 2nd grade Bilingual in Spring Texas! I have taught 2nd grade Bilingual in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have taught Kindergarten in Los Alamos where they invented the ATOM bomb! I taught Pre K for a couple years! I believe literacy and reading are of utmost important in people's lives. I have brought my enormous personal library in English and Spanish ! I want to share it with Runnels County! I want to share my love of reading, writing, and literature to this community! I also taught math and science up to second grade. I am very very developmental in my approach, and believe in hands on..... I would love to help people in both languages!