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Historic Carnegie Library of Ballinger

Supporting Your Library

How to get involved!


Those desiring to volunteer are invited to come in and fill out a simple application form.  Volunteers are called as needed.

Friends of the Library

Our Library Board acts as our Friends of the Library and are encouraged to enlist others to assist as Friends of the Library.

Donations and Gifts

Monetary gifts are welcomed by the library.  These gifts will be used to purchase materials as suggested by the giver at the Director's discretion.  A record and acknowledgment of these gifts will be maintained by library staff.  With the approval of the donor, a bookplate will be placed in each item purchased with gift monies.

The Library does not commit itself to accepting all donations of materials.  Material that is donated is subject to the selection criteria that apply to new purchases.  Donated items may be added to the collection, sold, donated to other organizations, or disposed of.  The library will provide upon request a receipt showing the date and number of pieces donated by format, but will not undertake an appraisal of the items.

Book Table

Donated books that are not placed into circulation may be obtained through the reference desk for a donation.

Memorials and Endowments

Permanent or temporary memorials will be established at the library at the discretion of the Library Board.  Memorials will always include bookplates.  Record and acknowledgement of the endowment and memorial purchases will be maintained by a designated person.

Walk of Honor Bricks
A brick of honor may be purchased as a memorial or as an honor to a person or family.  A donation of $50 per brick is requested.