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Historic Carnegie Library of Ballinger

Interlibrary Loan


The Carnegie Library will lend materials, including books, photocopies of periodical articles, and photocopies of books and other printed sources in accordance with federal copyright law.  I order to ensure that local library users have access to the latest materials, the following items will not be available via interlibrary loan:

Books published within the last year

Items designated as "high demand"

Audio-visual materials (video recordings and sound recordings)

Reference material

Genealogical material

Bound or current issues of magazines and newspapers

Rare, archival. manuscript or fragile items.

All materials loaned via interlibrary loan will have a loan period of 21 days.  Materials not in demand can be renewed for an additional 21 days.

The Carnegie Library will borrow materials via interlibrary loan only for registered library patrons in good standing.  A maximum of 3 active interlibrary loan requests are allowed per library patron.  The Carnegie Library reserves the right to further limit the number of requests as circumstances dictate.  The Carnegie Library will not request the following categories of materials:

 Best-sellers or books published within the last year

Books priced over $50.00

Audio-Visual materials (video and sound recordings) Books that are frequently stolen (test preparation guides, automotive manuals, occult.)

The Carnegie Library never charges a fee for interlibrary loan requests.  If, however, the lending library charges a fee, this will be passed on to the borrower.  No request will be made before the borrower has the opportunity to accept or decline to pay any appropriate charges.